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Focusrite iTrack One Pre Vocal/Guitar Recorder for iPhone and iPad

Focusrite iTrack One Pre Vocal/Guitar Recorder for iPhone and iPad

$129.99 USD

Focusrite iTrack One Pre Vocal/Guitar Recorder for iPhone and iPad

Guitar and voice input for iOS recording.

Focusrite’s iTrack One Pre is a compact and portable microphone preamp and guitar input, designed for recording high-resolution audio onto your iPhone or iPad without external power. It generates phantom power from iPhones and iPads without significantly draining their battery life, so you can record with professional condenser microphones whenever and wherever you want.

The preamp in iTrack One Pre holds true to the Focusrite philosophy that Sound is Everything. It lets you capture crisp and clear recordings of vocals and acoustic instruments directly into your favorite apps, including Garageband, Auria and Cubasis. Setting the right recording level is quick and easy thanks to the illuminated gain halo, technology borrowed from Focusrite's larger interfaces.

Recording guitar with iTrack One Pre is easy: just plug in. Even with exceptionally hot pickups, the high headroom guitar input will capture every element of your tone and playing style without clipping or unwanted distortion.

Officially Apple certified, iTrack One Pre works perfectly with iOS devices and music-making apps. Compact and lightweight, with a micro-suction base to stick it on any flat surface, iTrack One Pre will stay put anywhere while you lay down your tracks with confidence. it is ideal for capturing high-resolution audio while on the go, and for keeping on you to record your playing and singing, so you can listen back and improve.

  • Generate phantom power from iOS devices to use condenser microphones without external power
  • Experience the sound quality of a world famous Focusrite microphone preamp on iOS
  • Capture your guitar tone without any clipping or unwanted distortion
  • Record directly into Garageband, Auria, Cubasis and your other music making apps
  • Share your recordings or listen back to improve
  • Use the illuminated gain halo to quickly find and set the perfect recording level
  • Compact and tough enough to take anywhere
  • Focusrite offers a 2-year manufacturer's warranty