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AAS Sounds from BLKRTZ

AAS Sounds from BLKRTZ

$39.00 USD

Sound Bank for Ultra Analog

Also includes the free AAS Player (for use without Ultra Analog)

AAS Sounds from BLKRTZ

Inspired by his work in a wide array of genres over the last 12 years, Deadbeat's Sounds from BLKRTZ is a collection of 100 presets for Ultra Analog VA-1 which truly push the instrument to its earth shaking low and shimmering high extremes. It will come as no surprise to those familiar to his unmistakable dubwise style that subs and bass play a central role here, but you'll also find an inspiring array of evolving chords and stabs, ambient clouds, and slowly evolving sequences.

“When I set to work on the bank I really wanted to showcase some of the ways I use the synth on a day to day basis. It's been one of my go-to tools for bass lines for years but it's also a fantastic choice as a vocoder carrier signal, vintage sounding pads, and properly tweaked out acid lines and effects. It's a very deep instrument and I hope that this collection inspires people to explore it further in their own work.” ,Deadbeat

For those looking for inspiration in the realm of dubstepambient, or the deepest and dubbiest of house and techno, Sounds from BLKRTZ is certain provide hours of creative inspiration for your productions.

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