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A-Designs EM-Gold Mic Preamp

A-Designs EM-Gold Mic Preamp

$795.00 USD


About A-Designs EM-Gold Mic Preamp

The A-Designs EM-Gold Mic Preamp makes the perfect sounding floor tom. It is also the preamp you should reach for when you want that speaker moving low/mid thump from heavy guitars. The A-Designs EM-Gold Mic Preamp is ideal for fattening up thin-sounding sources on mics lacking low mids or upper bass warmth and mid transients, as well as percussion and drums. It also shines on vocals, bass, and even drum machines. If you’re going to move air (the secret of a big sound), go for the Gold.

With various combinations of EM-Series modules you can create a lunchbox dedicated to recording drums, or a horn section, or a whole orchestra…or build your own assortment of different flavored individual channels or stereo pairs, avoiding the blandness that can come from having all your tracks recorded with the same sonic characteristics. Let A-Designs Audio’s EM-Series 500 modules give you access to a world of color and sound that will inspire both you and your recordings.

About A-Designs 500 Series Modules

The 500 series platform makes it possible to easily construct your own custom signal-processing array by combining a variety of physically compatible electronics modules in all sorts of differently configured power supply mounting frames. It’s an affordable and flexible way to incorporate state of the art and boutique devices into just about any studio, live or broadcast environment.

The A-Designs Audio 500 microphone preamp series is comprised of five 500 series-compatible mic/line pres, each one meticulously voiced with a specific sonic functionality in mind. These units are physically compatible with any API or VPR Alliance mounting device, and also meet the precise power rating requirements necessary to function perfectly from the moment you plug them in.