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A-Designs EM-Silver Mic Preamp

A-Designs EM-Silver Mic Preamp

$795.00 USD

About A-Designs EM-Silver Mic Preamp

A-Designs EM-Silver Mic Preamp is modeled after the vintage Neve sound, you’ll love the EM-Silver. It has a darker tone than the P-1, EM-Red, and EM-Blue. Its sound is based on a custom-wound steel output transformer, which makes it an excellent match for ribbon microphones since steel transformers were widely used in the early days of recording and broadcast - it was the combination of steel transformer and ribbon mic that gave broadcasters and singers that “Voice of God” sound that has lit up so many vocal recording and the amplified spoken word for decades. The A-Designs EM-Silver Mic Preamp is an outstanding preamp for bass guitar and keyboards, and is also pretty killer on kick drum. For brighter sound sources, the EM-Silver is the preamp of choice when you want less top end or a vintage-type sound, especially when used with ribbon mics, or on modern, brighter condensers to smooth out top end.

About A-Designs 500 Series Modules

The 500 series platform makes it possible to easily construct your own custom signal-processing array by combining a variety of physically compatible electronics modules in all sorts of differently configured power supply mounting frames. It’s an affordable and flexible way to incorporate state of the art and boutique devices into just about any studio, live or broadcast environment.

The A-Designs Audio 500 microphone preamp series is comprised of five 500 series-compatible mic/line pres, each one meticulously voiced with a specific sonic functionality in mind. These units are physically compatible with any API or VPR Alliance mounting device, and also meet the precise power rating requirements necessary to function perfectly from the moment you plug them in.