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AKG RA4000 B/W

AKG RA4000 B/W

$179.99 USD

Remote antenna, omni-directional, dipole, active (18dB amplifier) – diversity system require two antennas

AKG RA4000 B/W


EXTRA POWER for indoor or outdoor use with long cable lengths

The AKG RA4000 B/W is an active omnidirectional wide-band UHF receiving antenna for use with wireless microphone systems. It operates in a frequency range from 500MHz to 865MHz, providing a covering angle of 360å° and a total gain of 18dB. The RA4000 B/W has a built-in amplifier to compensate long cable runs. With dedicated antenna components, it works for cable lengths up to 300m. The RA4000 B/W is remotely powered through the antenna cable. The antenna has waterproof construction and can be used for indoor and outdoor applications. Using the included universal stand adapter, the RA4000 B/W can be mounted on floor stands with 3/8" or 5/8" screws.
Integrated high-performance antenna booster 17dB total gain for cable lengths up to 300m (1000 ft) Remote powering via the antenna cable eliminates any extra installation effort Operates in an ultrawide frequency range from 500MHz to 865MHz for universal use Water-resistant construction to withstand extreme weather conditions


  • Stand Adapter