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$295.00 USD

The HPX-AV102-DP-R 4K60 DisplayPort Module with Retractable MyTurn ready Cable provides a compact solution with 4 feet available pullout from HydraPort HPX-600, 900 and 1200 Connection Ports or Touch Connection Ports


DisplayPort 4K60 Module with Retractable MyTurn™ Ready Cable

The HydraPort® DisplayPort Module with Retractable Cable delivers a compact solution that connects a DisplayPort output from a DisplayPort-enabled device such as a visiting laptop and passes HDMI to an HDMI input within the room integration, such as an Enova DVX, Solecis SDX or DXLink Transmitter. The easy to install solution organizes and hides cables in virtually any type of conference table, including narrow tables, and those with glass inlay. With the addition of a clip-on MyTurn™ Source Selection Button, it is easy to instruct the system to switch to the selected input.



  • No Assembly, Adjustments or Terminations - Module installs quickly and easily with no special mounting
  • Flat, High-Speed cable - With support for resolutions up to 4K @60Hz, the cable ensures absolute best picture quality in a compact design