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Ashly GQX-3102

Ashly GQX-3102

$620.00 USD

Graphic Equalizer Stereo 31-Band with 45mm Faders, 3U

Ashley GQX-3102 Graphic Equalizer

Ashly EQs are well known as the go-to brand for analog processors for any concert application or commercial pro install.

Our Graphic EQs utilize Wein-Bridge filters using precision components and our specially designed summing amplifiers provide extremely accurate response, low noise, negligible distortion, and excellent immunity to magnetic fields. All filters exhibit true constant "Q" response, with absolute minimum ripple. The Ashley GQX-3102 features two channels of 31-band 1/3-octave EQ, tunable high-pass filter circuit, switch-selectable cut or boost of either 6 dB or 15 dB and 10-segment, two color LED meter displays, and clip LEDs. The full-throw 45mm faders have a metal-shaft with the center detented position utilized as an "on/off" switch for that filter to minimize any possible degradation in signal noise levels.

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