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Autocue Straight-Read Starter Series 17" Package for use with Light Rings

Autocue Straight-Read Starter Series 17" Package for use with Light Ri

$989.10 USD

QStart PC and Mac software 17″ BNC/ VGA/ HDMI monitor Gold plate mounting and straight-read bracket Power cables (2m), VGA cable (10m)

Autocue Straight-Read Starter Series 17" Package for use with Light Rings

Autocue/QTV 17" Direct-View Starter Series Package

The Autocue/QTV 17" Direct-View Starter Series Package uses a direct view approach to prompting rather than the traditional hood and reflector glass type of setup. With this system the talent looks directly at the monitor which is mounted just below the camera on a tripod. The result is a lighter system with fewer parts to install as well as zero light reduction or image degradation. Direct view prompting is also a great option for those doing blue/green screen shoots with chromakey light rings attached to the camera.

This system comes complete with a 17" LCD monitor, QStart software, mounting plate, and cables. QStart software is a simple icon based prompting program that supports various text formats and also offers basic script formatting such as colors, bold, underline, and markers. Text input and scrolling can be easily done using a conventional computer mouse and keyboard. For more versatile control you can get the optional ShuttleXpress Hand Control (CON-SE), Wireless Hand Control (CON-WI), or, for hands-free operation, the Wireless Foot Scroll Control (CON-FC/WIRELESS).

With Windows and Mac OS support as well as both VGA and composite monitor inputs this system offers ready compatibility with a range of computer and video devices. Also included are 33' of VGA cable and 6' of power cable.

QStart Software

Icon based software for simple prompting applications

Windows complex language handling

Single script (no run-order management)

Import - simple .txt .doc & .rtf files

Basic script formatting functions e.g. colors, bold/underline, markers etc.

Windows 2000, NT, XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Mac OSX

Mouse or keyboard control (ShuttleXpress, wireless mouse, or foot control can be added separately)

SSP17 Prompter

Specialized solution for chromakey light ring applications

17" professional color flat screen monitor with choice of VGA or composite connection


Viewable Size (diagonal)



500 nits

Contrast Ratio



1280 x 1024

Input Signal





Power Input: 100 to 240VAC, 50/60Hz, 12V/4.16A
Power Consumption: 50W maximum


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