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Autoscript Manual Telescopic Stand

Autoscript Manual Telescopic Stand

$805.50 USD

Including adjustable stand and glass.

Autoscript Manual Telescopic Stand

Autoscript Manual Conference Stand System

The Manual Conference Stand System MTS from Autoscript is a part of the company's complete line of public speaking systems, developed through 25 years of experience renting conference equipment. This unit is a simple and robust solution that makes management of speaking engagements an easy task. 

The complete package includes a manual telescopic conference stand, a glass panel, and a special bracket to hold the panel. The stand itself features a three-stage manually adjustable pole and the glass panel is held in place with an adjustable bracket. Position and adjust both the pole height and the angle of the glass to achieve the perfect viewing angle for the speaker. This system's easy adjustments and configuration make it a perfect choice for travel or frequent setup changes.

Note: Please note that the use of this system requires a teleprompter, which is not included in this package.

Professional Public Speaking

Use this system to bring a new level of professionalism and quality to any public speaking engagement.

Travel Friendly

This unit is small, lightweight and easy to configure, making it an ideal solution for frequent travel.

Invisible Aid

The use of this system goes unseen by audience members and gives the impression of fluid, unaided speech.



Metal, plastic


Chrome, black plastic and glass


51-3/8 to 82-7/8" (130 to 210cm) height range

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