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Autoscript Smart Combiner Box

Autoscript Smart Combiner Box

$1,165.50 USD

6 x BNC port expansion box. Enables multiple hand or foot controls to be connected to single News or Studio WinPlus package via coaxial cable. Features plug and play connectivity, compatible with PCI card and Xbox hardware.

Autoscript Smart Combiner Box

Autoscript Smart Combiner Box

The Smart Combiner Box SCB from Autoscript is a practical unit that allows you to expand the number of control units used in your system. This box connects to the nine-way D connector PCIPrompt card or Xbox on one side. The other side allows you to connect up to (6) control units, such as the HC/1 Potless 5 Button Desk Top Control, FCDP Desk Pad & Foot Control, or the Wireless Scroll Control, among others. 

This unit also has (4) coax inputs that accept connections from the controllers via their associated coax adapters. Multiple Smart Combiner Boxes can be linked via standard 75 ohm coax cable and can be located up to 300 meters from one another, allowing for virtually unlimited expansion of your system.

Control Unit Expansion

This convenient box allows you to add up to (6) additional control units to your setup.

Unlimited Growth

Multiple units may be connected to one another, allowing for virtually unlimited expansion of your system.






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