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Avid Pro Tools HDX System

Avid Pro Tools HDX System

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Purchase a new Pro Tools HDX system which includes up to three (3) HDX PCIe card(s), your choice of Pro Tools | HD Series interface, and Pro Tools | HD Software. See the Pro Tools HDX Exchange to upgrade from Pro Tools Native or Pro Tools HD Systems.

Avid Pro Tools HDX System

Get Pro Tools HDX

Avid Pro Tools HDX Systems include HDX PCIe card(s), your choice of Pro Tools HD Series interface, and Pro Tools HD Software. Employ up to three (3) HDX cards in one system for maximum track counts and performance. With one card, you can mix up to 256 voices. If you need more tracks and power, you can expand your Pro Tools|HDX system with up to three cards. With two cards, you can mix up to 512 voices, and with three cards, you can have up to 768 voices, eliminating the need for an expansion chassis to support very large sessions. Each Pro Tools|HDX card has two DigiLink Mini connectors, which can support up to four interfaces — or up to 12 interfaces (192 channels of I/O) with a three-card system.

HDX Upgrades

Save big when you upgrade from any Pro Tools HD or Pro Tools HD Native system. See the Pro Tools HDX Exchange to upgrade from Pro Tools Native or Pro Tools HD Systems.



 Pro Tools HDX gives you up to 5x more power per card than Pro Tools HD AccelWith Pro Tools | HDX, you get up to 5x more power per card than Pro Tools | HD Accel, so you can focus on your mix—not your mixer—and do much more with less. Compare systems.

  • Create bigger, more complex mixes with 4x more tracks (up to 768 voices)
  • Double your ins and outs with up to 64 channels of I/O per card (up to 192 total)
  • Handle large plug-in-heavy mixes easily with 4x more Automatic Delay Compensation


Pro Tools HDX uses floating-point calculations for plug-in processing and mixing for best sound quality possible, with least effortPro Tools | HDX uses floating-point calculations for plug-in processing and mixing, enabling you to achieve the best sound quality possible, with the least effort.

  • Record and mix in higher resolution (up to 32-bit, 192 kHz audio) and significantly greater dynamic range
  • Let your mixes breathe with increased headroom, and eliminate clipping and obsessive gain staging
  • Improve workflow and sonic parity between DSP-accelerated and native-based Pro Tools systems with the new AAX plug-in platform (Watch the video )


Pro Tools HDX integrates with Pro Tools HD software and your Mac or PC for optimized performancePro Tools | HDX tightly integrates with Pro Tools | HD Software and your Mac or PC, giving you optimized performance from creation to completion.

  • Get a highly responsive feel—even in your most complex projects—with RAM-cached record/playback and real-time fades (Watch Disk Cache Part 1 and Part 2 )
  • Keep the channel routing in complex sessions in check easily with bus interrogation
  • Work faster with pro-level tools, including Clip Gain (Watch the video ), advanced audio editing and automation, surround sound, and more
  • Accelerate your recording, editing, and mixing with Avid Pro Mixing consoles, which offer unprecedented hands-on control
  • Share even more with Media Composer | Software and other AAF-compatible software with support for multichannel tracks, Clip Gain, and a 24-hour timeline


Pro Tools HDX delivers even higher fidelity audioThere’s a reason why more professionals trust the sound of Pro Tools than with any other DAW. Now you can get even higher fidelity audio with Pro Tools | HDX.

  • Get better audio clarity and detail than ever before combining Pro Tools | HDX with any Pro Tools | HD Series audio interface
  • Compose music and polish mixes with over 60 high-quality virtual instruments, effects, and sound processing plug-ins (Watch the video )
  • Get the renowned sound of the coveted Avid System 5 console with the Avid Channel Strip plug-in (Watch the video )


Pro Tools HDX easily scales to provide versatility as your needs growAs your needs or business grows, you can easily scale Pro Tools | HDX to handle whatever comes your way, and take advantage of unique features and workflows.

  • Gain more tracks and power by simply adding another HDX card to your system
  • Mix and match Pro Tools | HD Series interfaces to meet your needs, or use Pro Tools | HD Software standalone for on-the-go mixing
  • Collaborate with Media Composer editors through AAF sharing or Satellite technology options





Simultaneous voices 96 (up to 192 total) 256 (up to 768 total) 256
Audio tracks* 96/48/18 (up to 512 total) 256/128/64 (up to 768 total) 256/128/64
Latency** 0.96 ms 0.7 ms 1.7 ms
Instrument tracks 128 256 256
MIDI tracks 512 512 512
Aux tracks 160 512 512
Busses 256 256 256
Channels of I/O 32 (up to 96 total) 64 (up to 192 total) 64
Automatic Delay
Compensation (ADC)
4,096 samples 16,383 samples 16,383 samples
Processing depth 24-bit fixed 32-bit floating point 32-bit floating point
Mixer depth 48-bit fixed 64-bit floating point 64-bit floating point
DSP power 9 x 200 MHz processors (56k) 18 x 350 MHz processors (T1) n/a (CPU host)

* Audio tracks based on sample rates of 48/96/192 kHz, respectively. Installing additional cards will increase track counts to the maximum allowable.

** Latency calculated using a 96 kHz sample rate with a 64-sample buffer. Tests run using Pro Tools | HDX and Pro Tools | HD Native with Pro Tools | HD I/O, and Pro Tools | HD Accel with 192 I/O.