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Aviom C4dio Digital I/O Card

Aviom C4dio Digital I/O Card

$750.00 USD

4×4 AES3 Digital I/O Card with Word Clock

Aviom C4dio Digital I/O Card

The Aviom C4dio AES3 Digital I/O Card is a 4-in, 4-out AES3 digital card for the AllFrame Multi-Modular I/O System.

Install up to six C4dio cards in the F6 (the AllFrame host device) in any combination with the other available AllFrame cards to build a custom Pro64 I/O device for a digital snake or audio network.

With a C4dio card installed in an AllFrame, the Pro64 network can be locked to external clock sources connected to the card's AES3 XLR jacks or the dedicated BNC Word Clock jack.


  • Four channels of AES3 digital inputs
  • Four channels of AES3 digital outputs
  • BNC Word Clock connection with Out, In, and In with Termination options
  • AES3 clock sync via XLR inputs 1/2

The C4dio allows the six-slot F6 Modular I/O Frame to be configured as a 24x24 I/O device when six C4dio cards are installed. Each XLR connector on the C4dio carries a pair of digital channels, as per the AES3 specification, providing high channel count I/O in a minimal amount of space.

Optional sample rate converters can be turned on per input pair from within the Pro64 Network Manager software to allow devices with digital outputs, but without Word Clock connections, such as CD and DVD players to be used as input sources.

The C4dio can be clocked by the distributed Pro64 network clock, an AES3 digital signal connected to XLR input 1/2, or an external Word Clock signal connected to the BNC connector. The system clock can be output locally to other devices via the BNC Word Clock connector, and is also embedded in the AES3 outputs.