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Aviom F6 Modular I/O Frame

Aviom F6 Modular I/O Frame

$2,500.00 USD

Modular I/O Frame with Six Card Slots

Aviom F6 Modular I/O Frame

The Aviom F6 Modular I/O Frame is the basic building block of Aviom's innovative and versatile AllFrame Multi-Modular I/O System™. The F6 holds up to six AllFrame audio I/O cards and can be reconfigured by the user by changing cards as needed.

AllFrame offers a range of mounting options; it's equally at home being used for a stage I/O box as part of a digital snake, or mounted to the wall as a permanent part of the wiring infrastructure in a theater's audio network installation.

The F6 is compatible with all Pro64 Series products which can be combined to easily fit into a wide range of audio distribution applications, both large and small.


  • Fully modular system: select the I/O complement and form factor that's best for your application
  • Fully field-configurable
  • Up to six I/O cards per frame
  • Accessory kits for wall-mounting, rack-mounting, and on-stage use
  • Simple Cat-5e or fiber connections to the Pro64 network

By utilizing the F6 and AllFrame Multi-Modular I/O System and digitizing the signals at the wall or floor connection panel eliminates the need for multiple large conduit runs filled with analog wire, as well as the labor associated with dressing, terminating, and testing analog connections.

As part of the AllFrame Multi-Modular I/O System, the F6 can be integrated into a system in a number of ways. Installed in the SK6 Stage Kit, the AllFrame becomes a heavy-duty stage box suitable for live sound reinforcement applications. When housed in a standard NEMA Type 1 enclosure (a minimum size of 12 x 14 x 4 inches is suggested), along with other A/V and electrical services required for an installation, the F6 can be mounted on or in the wall, in standard 16"-centers studded walls, and dressed with custom plates as desired. Using the optional RK6 Rack Mount Kit, the F6 can also be mounted front- or rear-facing in a standard 19" rack (6U required).

Analog and Digital I/O

The F6 can be outfitted with up to six I/O cards, for a maximum of 24 in and 24 out. Available cards include the C4m Mic/Line Input Card, the C4o Analog Output Card, and the C4dio AES3 Digital I/O Card.

The I/O cards can be installed, rearranged, and configured by the user, allowing the F6 to adapt easily to a changing audio environment.

Connecting the F6 to the Pro64 network requires only an A-Net cable (Cat-5e/Cat-6 or fiber) and DC power (no power supply is included). Power may be provided via the Cat-5 cable, using an approved Power Over A-Net (PoA) power supply such as the POA80, or on the Euroblock or 4-pin XLR connector.

Control Choices

The F6 and its I/O cards are configured using the Pro64 Network Manager control application and can be used in conjunction with Aviom's complete line of Pro64 audio networking products as well as Pro16® Series personal mixers, output modules, and network devices. Mic preamp channels can be remote controlled from the software application, from a Pro64 RCI/MCS combination, or from Yamaha® devices using m-control™.

Because Aviom's Pro64 audio network offers unique advantages both in audio performance and in systemic flexibility, integrating the F6 into an installation is straightforward and free from compromise in audio fidelity. The Pro64 network supports any combination of parallel and serial connections without fidelity loss or directional limitations, so connection points can be placed wherever needed in a particular facility.