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Chameleon Labs 7602

Chameleon Labs 7602

$1,100.00 USD

Professionally used Chameleon Labs 7602 Mic Preamp in excellent condition. Limited consignment offer.

Chameleon Labs 7602 Mic Preamp

Professionally used Chameleon Labs 7602 Mic Preamp in excellent condition. Limited consignment offer.

The 7602 MKII mic preamp delivers on the promise of classic analogue with a pureness and clarity that is completely audible. It follows the traditional approach of implementing transformers on the inputs and outputs and subscribes to a celebrated benchmark electronic topology which ensures that audio quality is never compromised.

Chameleon Labs 7602 MKII Microphone Preamp Features

  • Fully Balanced Mic Input Transformer
  • Fully Balanced Line Input Transformer
  • Hi-Z Direct Instrument Input (TRS)
  • Fully Transformer Balanced Output
  • Discrete Class A Electronic Topology
  • 48 V Phantom Mic Power
  • 20 Position Swiss Made Mic/Line Rotary Switch
  • Selectable 300O or 1200O Mic Input Impedance
  • Inductor Based Equalization and High Pass Circuit
  • Power, Overload, Signal, and Peak LEDS
  • Reverse Phase Switch

The microphone input section is designed for dynamic or condenser microphones requiring 48V phantom power. A selectable low or high input impedance setting allows you to more closely balance the mic input’s gain structure with your microphone of choice. The operational amplifier used for this circuit is a completely discrete design using the classic Fairchild transistor and providing up to 80dB of gain for the input. The line input is powered by the same discrete circuit and a Swiss made level control knob controls both the mic and line levels. A low impedance Direct Input connector on the front panel provides direct connection of a musical instrument.

The 7602 uses wound core inductors as part of its electronic equalization circuit to provide precise, transparent audio performance for it’s for high pass, low, mid and high frequency band pass adjustments. This section is also a faithful reproduction of the classic eq section found in the deeply satisfying circuits of the past.

The output section implements a discrete operational amplifier driving a gaped output transformer. The relationship between these two elements has been carefully optimized to provide a gain structure that will allow you to explore the output limits of the 7602 without harshness and with complete analogue smoothness.

Chameleon Labs 7602 MkII Microphone Preamp Specifications

  • On Switch: Turn Pre Amp On - (Green LED)
  • 300O / 1200O Switch: Switch between 300O and 1200O input impedance for the mic input
  • 48V Power Supply Switch: On/Off
  • DI Switch: Direct Input with 100KO input sensitivity
  • EQ Switch: Engages audio high pass filter and equalization circuits
  • Polarity Switch: Reverses the polarity of the audio signal
  • High Pass Filter: Provides a 18dB/octave high pass filter at 50Hz, 80Hz, 160Hz and 300Hz
  • Mic/Line Sensitivity Switch: 20dB to 80dB of mic boost and +10dB to -20dB of line level adjustment.
  • Low Frequency Equalization: Provides +/-20 db of Boost or Cut at 35Hz, 60Hz, 110Hz or 220Hz
  • Mid Frequency Equalization: Provides +/-20 db of Boost or Cut at 360Hz, 700Hz, 1.6kHz, 3.2kHz, 4.8kHz or 7.2kHz
  • High Frequency Equalization: Provides +/-20 db of Boost or Cut at 3.4kHz, 4.9kHz, 7kHz, 12kHz or 16KHz
  • Microphone Input (XLR): Transformer balanced input, RF isolated
  • Line Input (XLR): Transformer balanced input, RF isolated
  • Direct In, Input (1/4” TRS): High impedance instrument input
  • Microphone Input Impedance: 300O or 1200O
  • Line Input Impedance: 10kO line bridging from 600O or lower source impedance
  • Direct Input Impedance: 100kO
  • Microphone Sensitivity: From -80dBm to -20dBm in 5 dB steps for 0dBm output
  • Line Sensitivity: From -20 dBm to +10 dBm in 5 dB steps for 0 dBm output
  • Noise Specification: Better than -125dBm EIN between -80 and -40 dBm referenced to 600O input impedance, SNR 116dB at maximum output
  • Output Type: Transformer balanced and floating to drive 600 O load
  • Maximum Output: +26dBu into 600O load impedance
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz - 20kHz -0.5dB 10Hz - 50kHz -3dB
  • Outboard Power Supply: Primary 120V /Secondary 24V AC Ul and cUl rated
  • Quiescent Consumption: 3.2 Watts, Nominal Consumption 9 Watts