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Crown PZM30 D

Crown PZM30 D

$399.99 USD

First-class boundary layer microphone, ideal for speen & music recording, XLR version

Crown PZM30 D


LIVIN´ ON THE EDGE for houses of worship, on-stage recording and broadcasting

The Crown PZM30 D high-performance hemispherical boundary layer microphone is a Pressure Zone Microphone® designed for professional recording, sound reinforcement and broadcasting. The capsule is mounted in the “pressure zone”, an area where direct sound and reflected sound are in phase, which provides a 6dB higher sensitivity.

Two selectable frequency responses (flat/rising) provide greater flexibility in mic placement and sonic character. The rising position of the frequency switch adds brilliance and a crisp attack on percussion, drums, or piano. The PZM30 D comes in a very rugged, low-profile, metal housing with detachable cable that makes it sturdy and reliable for heavy duty applications.

Hemispherical polar pattern
for intelligible pickup of sound from any direction

PZM® (Pressure Zone Microphone®) technology
prevents sound coloration from surface reflections

Switchable dual-frequency response
for greater flexibility in mic placement and sonic character

Rugged, low-profile housing
withstands the rigors of the stage

Detachable cable
easy to install and service