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Galaxy AXS-18 MIXER

Galaxy AXS-18 MIXER

$449.99 USD

AXS 18 Channel Desktop Mixer: 16 input/10XLR mic input & 4 stereo inputs, 10 +48V mic preamps, 8 compressors, 3 band EQ w/sweep mids, 16 effects w/tap, USB audio interface, 8 channel inserts, 4 aux sends, PFL, Balanced main outputs, desk top

Galaxy AXS-18 MIXER

The AXS line features a full line of analog audio mixers. The AXS series offers 5 different desk top models with 3 available in a rack mount version. All models have a USB connection to link to a computer for stereo playback or recording and have +48V phantom power to the XLR inputs. Additionally, all mono inputs provide an easy to use single knob compression. Most models feature a 3 band EQ with sweep-able mid-range and low cut filter. All models include AUX sends on each channel which are either pre/post or switchable for monitoring/FX or external send.

All AXS models have built-in Studio Grade DSP FX with 16 effects. Effects include Reverb, Chorus, Flanger, Delay, Pitch Shifter, and Multi-Effects. Each effect has a storable user parameter and a tap button with a tempo light that provides for delay and echo settings. 

Each channel also provides the user with Clip LEDs, Mute, Subgroup Routing, Solo, L/R Panning and PFL. The mono channels also feature 1/4" TRS inserts for flexible connection to outboard effects and processing. Whether using in a fixed install or on the road, the 60mm logarithmic faders and sealed rotary controls will provide clean, reliable sound.

  • 18 Input, 10 XLR Mic Input & 4 Stereo Inputs
  • 10 +48V Phantom Powered Mic Preamps
  • 8 Easy to use Built in Compressors
  • 3 Band EQ with Sweep Mids on Each Channel
  • 16 Effects with Tap
  • USB Audio Interface
  • 8 Channel Inserts
  • 4 AUX Sends Per Channel
  • PFL on Each Channel
  • Balanced Main Outputs
  • Headphone Output
  • 60 mm Logarithmic Faders
  • Switching Power Supply

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