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JoeCo BBWR24B BlueBox Recorder

JoeCo BBWR24B BlueBox Recorder

$2,795.00 USD

40 Inputs, 24 line inputs / 16ch ADAT Lightpipe inputs, 24 Balanced outputs, 2 stereo Headphone outputs,  2 assignable outputs

JoeCo BBWR24B BlueBox Workstation Interface Recorder

Based on JoeCo’s award-winning BlackBox Recorder technology, the new BLUEBOX Workstation Interface Recorder range brings you more than just a high quality interface for your DAW. Each BLUEBOX Workstation Interface Recorder is also a trusted, professional multi-track field recorder, and a unique back-up solution that ensures no source recordings are ever lost. Only BLUEBOX delivers all three core functions in one 19-inch rack-mounted unit.

There are three BLUEBOX models to choose between, all delivering pristine 24bit/96kHz performance with the rugged reliability for which JoeCo is known. Newly added to the range is the BBWR24B, the most affordable BLUEBOX yet with 24 balanced line inputs, 16 ADAT Lightpipe inputs with SMUXII support for higher sample rates and 24 balanced outs. Meanwhile, the BBWR24MP provides 24 channels of switchable mic/line inputs, while the BBWR08MP offers 8 channels of individually switchable mic/line inputs and 16 channels of dedicated balanced line inputs. All mic channels on both the BBWR24MP and BBWR08MP incorporate JoeCo’s renowned best-in-class mic preamps.

In a studio environment, your BLUEBOX can be used as a near-zero latency audio interface carrying up to 24 channels of 24bit/96kHz audio in both directions simultaneously over USB 2.0. And if your DAW freezes or fails, BLUEBOX keep running, utilising its onboard recording function to ensure that none of your source recordings are lost, even if the power fails. BLUEBOX also delivers the benefits of the famous BlackBox Recorder. For live work, the high-quality mic preamps built into the BBWR24MP and BBWR08MP mean either unit can be used as a stand-alone, live, multi-channel audio acquisition recorder, linking the low latency 24 channel, 24bit/96kHz workstation interface to a computer for backup recordings.

The high-quality microphone preamps, operate at up to 24bit/96kHz, and offer the user comprehensive control parameters. BLUEBOX features a range of connection options including individually switchable mic/line inputs and balanced outputs, with audio clocks locked to timecode, video, or word clock inputs. Microphones can either be connected to the unit via tails from the rear D-Sub connectors, or via an optional 2U breakout panel with XLR connectors.

Local audio is recorded direct to external USB2/3 drive in Broadcast WAV format for instant ingest into a workstation. Alongside the multi-channel recording capabilities, provision is included for creating a simultaneous stereo mixdown. Optional support for iXML data can also be provided.

Your BLUEBOX will run off a 12V power source. Unused channels and features can be disabled in order to preserve battery life on location. The unit is fully controllable via JoeCoControl on the workstation itself or via JoeCoRemote for iPad. This includes the facility to set up individual mic pre channel parameters - level, mic/line, phantom power, hi-pass filter, soft limiter and phase reverse. Levels are displayed on high resolution meters.

The monitor mix can be adjusted in real time incorporating both local and workstation feeds giving the perfect mix for monitoring during recording. Expandable channel strips provide graphic faders, pan, solo, mute and other parameter controls.

The BLUEBOX compact dimensions, high-quality mic preamps and converters make it a practical, elegant solution for a range of applications. Ideal for use in the studio, giving unprecedented access to your workstation for external summing mixer or full mixing board with multichannel record and overdub on workstation, as well as for live engineers needing a supremely portable multi-channel recording option.