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OConnor 120EX Fluid Head Package Mitchell Black

OConnor 120EX Fluid Head Package Mitchell Black

$15,480.00 USD

120EX Fluid Head (Mitchell Only) (C1225-0003) + Pan handle for 2065, 2575 & 120EX ranges (2575-137) + Pan handle extension for 1030-246 & 2575-137 (2575-135)

OConnor 120EX Fluid Head Package Mitchell Black

OConnor C12250001 120EX Standard Film Fluid Head (Black)

The OConnor 120EX Standard Assembly C12250001 is the flagship of fluid head design. With a payload capacity of 120 lbs it is the right choice for larger format film and video cameras. This device features 90 to 90 degree tilt with a folding crank handle with numerical readout for repeatable counterbalance adjustments. This head features the EX Mode which allows extended weight capacity.

Counterbalance System

The fluid head features a counterbalance system that will keep the camera from falling forward or backward when it is tilted. With the correct counterbalance, the camera will stay where you put it, throughout the entire +/-90° tilt range.

Infinitely Adjustable True Fluid Drag

Fluid drag allows you to pan and tilt smoothly, without shake or vibration. The high viscosity fluid acts as a buffer, adding an adjustable level of resistance to the camera movement.

Unmatched Versatility

The fluid head employs a modular design concept that allows you to choose different mounting bases (150mm, Mitchell, Sachtler/Vinten), quick release platforms (Oconnor, 120mm Euro, Panavision Dovetail and Arriflex Plates) and handles for added flexibility.


EX fluid heads can go far beyond that maximum payload by slowly limiting tilt range as the payload is increased. With the example of the 120EX, the payload for a 90° tilt range is between 30-120 lbs (14-54 kg), but in EX mode the 120EX can counterbalance up to incredible 240 lbs (109 kg) at a tilt range of 60°; all based on a 8" center of gravity.

Load Capacity

30 to 120 lbs 14 to 54kg
30 to 240 lbs 14 to 109kg in EX Mode


150mm, Mitchell, Sachtler/Vinten

Counter Balance System

EX Counterbalance System

Counter Balance Range

Infinite Adjustable with Folding Crank Handle and Numerical Readout

Center of Gravity


Quick Release/Wedge Plate

Requires at least one platform (OConnor, 120mm Euro, Panavision Dovetail and Arriflex Plates)

Balance Plate

Sliding, 3/8" or 120mm Screws (depending on plate)

Tilt Drag

Infinitely and Repeatably Adjustable

Tilt Range

-/+60° in EX Mode

Tilt Lock


Spring Loaded Counter Balance

Infinitely and Repeatably Adjustable

Pan Range


Pan Lock


Leveling Bubble/Illuminated

Yes, Illuminated

Temperature Range

-40° to +140°F


34.1 lbs 15.5kg

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