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Rolls MX22s

Rolls MX22s

$50.00 USD

Mini Mix 2 CH 1/8″ & RCA Mixer

Rolls MX22s Mini Mix 2 CH 1/8" & RCA Mixer

The MX22s is a 2 Channel mixer for mixing a 1/8" line signal such as a laptop computer or Ipod, and a stereo RCA signal such as a CD player. The MX22s has enough output to drive a power amplifier directly, and is ideal for audio visual and aerobics studio applications. The MX22s can be configured as either Stereo (default) or Mono, by moving a shorting jumper on the PCB. Power adapter is included.


  • 1/8" and RCA line level signals
  • Dual RCA Stereo output
  • Individual controls for each channel

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