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Sachtler Ace Shoulder Rig

Sachtler Ace Shoulder Rig

$535.50 USD

Ace shoulder mount + Ace hand grips + pair of rods 30 cm long + pair of rods 15 cm long + rod connectors (2) + offset mount + counterweight + spacers for handles (2)

Sachtler Ace Shoulder Rig

Ace Shoulder Rig

The Ace Shoulder Rig includes a Shoulder Mount and hand grips to allow you a ready to shoot solution. The Shoulder Mount offers a solid point of contact and support for secure and smooth off-tripod shooting. With adjustable handles the hand grips can be fitted on a Universal Mount. The two arms can be angled independently to bring the handles closer or set them farther apart. Mounted on a fluid head.jpg, the Ace Shoulder Rig can be used as double pan bars.

•Comfortable.jpg, non-slip shoulder pad with counterweight for secure and smooth shooting.
•Ball-joint hand grips which can be adjusted easily to different angles for comfortable working position. Two spacers can be fitted to lengthen the arms if needed.
•Horizontal offset element which connects two pair of rods to bring the camera viewfinder or LCD screen in a convenient position for operation
•Offers maximum versatility: The combination of Ace Accessories and Ace tripod system

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